Trying Quickpress

Learning a new format is hard, sort of, I don’t know about my brain flexibility sometimes. The forums on wordpress are easy to find. This is helpful. Today I am working on formatting my new blog.

images of new york skyline


One thought on “Trying Quickpress

  1. Ryan Naylor

    I remember when I first checked out WP years ago and the rave about the ‘5 minute install’. I had no idea what this meant, and to make a long story short, didn’t find WP easy at all. I’m not a programmer and had no idea what FTP was. And all the stuff in the dashboard was simply overwhelming. Three to four years later, I decided to give it and blogging a serious look. I still don’t know much about coding, but I am more patient about learning what I need to know, when I need it; I build upon what I DO KNOW.

    A quick suggestion would be to add more sharing sites to your ‘share this’ option.


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