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Blogdawgpig is a site that touches on many aspects of everyday life.  It will be news site, eventually.  It will also be daily, or at least weekdays.  It might also have a weekend edition.

Blogdawgpig is a site ran by me, Lacey.

I intend to be a source of information and cheerfulness.

I am a blogger.  I have three blogs currently.  You can check out my Blog – Benjamin Bunny http://bunnyblog2013.blogspot.com


7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Ryan Naylor

    Well, they all have ‘you’ in common. And, if they are on different topics, a reader from one might have an interest in the other. It also helps with keeping visitors ‘on your site(s)’ so to speak. I was going to look at the other ‘My Bliss’ simply because you said it’s your ‘labor of love’ which makes me, the reader, curious. But since you didn’t have a link, I couldn’t check it out…which means you ‘lost a visitor/follower/etc.’ So, yes, I do think you should.


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